The Louisiana Library Association has thrived thanks to the generous support of the volunteers that have served on our committees over the years. We would like to thank all of the individuals listed here for their service.


Anthony Benoit Mid Career Award

To recognize a Louisiana librarian in mid-career for outstanding contributions to the field of

2018-19 Committee Members
Chris Achee - Chair
Lisa Cotton
Brittney Hargrave
Lindsey Reno
Don Smith


1. To plan and make arrangements essential to the efficient conduct of the activities of the annual conference of the Association.
2. To coordinate and, where necessary, assist with the work of the various sub-committees concerned with the annual conference.

2018-19 Committee Members
Jeremy Bolom- Co-Chair
Paula Clemmons- Co-Chair
David Duggar- Program Chair
Jennifer Seneca- Exhibits Chair
Marty Miller- Local Arrangements
Vacant - SLIS Liaison
Celise Reech-Harper- Publicity Co-Chair
Sonnet Ireland- Publicity Co-Chair
Vacant - Technology/AV Chair

Essae M. Culver Award

To honor a librarian whose professional service and achievements, whose leadership in Louisiana association work, and whose lifetime accomplishments in a field of librarianship within the state merit recognition of particular value to Louisiana librarianship.

2018-19 Committee Members
Jackie Choate - Chair
Angelle Deshautelles 
Courtney Stortz
Brittney Hargrave
Angela Dunnington


1. To review the annual budget for submission to the Executive Board.
2. To review quarterly budgetary and financial statement supplied by fiscal officer.
3. To advise the Board on long range financial and investment planning.
4. To establish and maintain continuity in the budgeting process by carefully monitoring the correlation between the annual budget and the long range financial goals.
5. To keep abreast of all fiscal issues facing the Board and serve as financial advisors to the Board. Members of the committee shall be invited to attend all Executive Board meetings.
6. To coordinate an external audit every three years, with opinions and without qualifications.
7. To review the fee relationship with the fiscal officer.
8. To review and recommend action on all requests.

2018-19 Committee Members
Patricia Brown - Chair/Past President
Catherine Smith- President
Sonnet Ireland- VP/President-Elect
Vacant-School Rep
Melanie Sims- Special Libraries Rep
John Stelly- Public Rep
Bland O'Connor - Ex-Officio 


1. To maintain the written history of the Association on an annual basis and shall include: Significant Executive Board action, Sections, Awards, Conference, Publications, and Committees.
2. To compile the annual information into an addendum to the published history of LLA every five (5) years.
3. To receive copies of the annual reports made to the President from all other reporting entities within the Association for purposes of compilation.
4. To compile and submit to a database to ensure availability to all members of the Association, the names of the General Officers, Section Officers, Award winners, Conference theme and site and dates.

2018-19 Committee Members
Brandon Shoumaker - Chair
Chris Achee
Paula Clemmons
Melanie Sims (LLA Archivist 2014-2017)
Bland O'Connor - Ex-Officio 

Intellectual Freedom

1. To defend the right and responsibility of the publicly supported library to preserve the freedom to read, as stated in the "Library Bill of Rights" adopted by the American Library Association.
2. To promote the endorsement of the "Library Bill of Rights" by the governing bodies of the publicly supported libraries of the state, emphasizing that libraries advocate a morally responsible freedom, not a license to undermine democracy.
3. To encourage libraries to emphasize the value of intellectual freedom in their library programs by preparing exhibits, booklists, etc.
4. To keep the membership of the association informed on the subject by:
      a. Making suggestions for programs on the subject at the annual conference.
      b. Reporting to the membership articles on the subject and infringement on intellectual freedom by any individual or group.
5. To use every opportunity to work with teachers, authors, publishers and others interested in preserving free thought and expression in America.
6. To be well informed as to what to do in the event a library or librarian is attacked, so as to be in a position to advise.
7. To encourage librarians to report infringements on intellectual freedom to the chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee and to the Association office.
8. To make recommendations to the Executive Board through the President for such action by the association as is considered advisable in the light of reported infringements or reported attempts at infringement.
9. To select a recipient for the Alex Allain Intellectual Freedom Award. 

2018-19 Committee Members
Randy DeSoto - Chair
Bridget Fuselier
Lesley Gilchrist
Daenal Vaughn-Tucker
Lindsay Reno
Michael Russo


Legislative Information

1. To enlist the necessary support for successful passage of laws (federal, state and local) tending to promote library interests.
2. To enlist necessary opposition to bills injurious to library interests.
3. To develop plans yearly for a State Legislative Day, including a workshop for training of participants.
4. To send a representative of LLA to Washington, D.C. for National Legislative Day, when financially feasible.
5. To keep the Association members informed of the status of bills while they are under consideration.
6. To solicit from each section and the general membership each year suggestions for legislative objectives,
both federal and state, in order to prepare a list of such objectives for approval by the Executive Board and distribution to the membership.
7. To be responsible for contacts concerning federal relations between the Louisiana Library Association and the American Library Association.
8. To advise the Association, the Louisiana Legislature, the Louisiana Congressional delegation, and interested Louisiana citizens and groups on the merits and demerits of proposed legislation affecting libraries.
9. To prompt action by the above groups where advisable for library progress.

2018-19 Committee Members
Melanie Sims - Chair
Dawn Pinkston
Charlene Picheloup
Catherine Smith
Sonnet Ireland
Vivian McCain (Voting Ex-Officio)
Rebecca Hamilton (Ex-Officio)
Teri Gallaway (Ex-Officio)
Bland O'Connor (Ex-Officio)

LLA Meritorious Service Award

To publicly recognize an individual who has demonstrated sustained and exemplary leadership and service to further the development, services, visibility and/or policies of LLA.

2018-19 Committee Members
Patricia Boatman - Chair
Blair Stapleton
Katharine Rubin
Elizabeth Kahn
Lonnie Beene

LLA Scholarship Committee

1. To solicit funds from School of Library and Information Science alumni, association members, industry,
and other sources.
2. To accept and acknowledge contributions.
3. To administer the scholarship award.
4. To screen the applicants and to select the recipient, who must meet the following requirements:
a. One of the following residency requirements:
     • the applicant was born in Louisiana
     • the applicant has lived in Louisiana for a period of at least two years exclusive of any period of full-time enrollment in post-secondary education
     • either parent of the applicant has lived in Louisiana for a period of five years exclusive of any period of full-time enrollment in post-secondary education.
b. Must have a composite undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.2 or a graduate degree with a grade point average of at least 3.5 from that degree on a four point scale, and a combined score on the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination of at least 1050.
c. Unconditional admission to the LSU School of Library and Information Science.
d. Recommendation of at least one qualified librarian in Louisiana besides other recommendations required for entry into the LSU School of Library and Information Science.
e. Personal interview by at least one member of the Scholarship Committee, who should give particular thought to the applicant's professional promise, interest in librarianship, character, and personality.
5. To publicize the scholarship through Louisiana Libraries and other means, including contacting the SLIS for publicity of the award to students. To notify the conference program and publicity sub-committees of recipients.
6. To arrange for presentation of this scholarship award at the annual conference.

2018-19 Committee Members
Vivian McCain - Chair
Katharine Rubin
Kelly LaRocca
Brandon Shoumaker
Rebecca Cloud
Megan Thomas 

Louisiana Literary Award

To promote interest in books related to Louisiana, to encourage their publication, and to keep informed on the release of such books.

Major Responsibilities: 
1. Prepares a notice for the Summer issue of the Louisiana Libraries to solicit nominations.
2. Submits a notice to Communiqué and section newsletters, if applicable.
3. Obtains from the LLA President a financial allotment for the committee for the current year.
4. Secures copies of books under consideration; reads, scans, or studies as many as possible.
5. Selects the award-winning book, and any other book(s) which are considered worthy of honorable mention.
6. Notifies the winner and invites the recipient author and one guest of his/her choice to be the guests of LLA at the Book Dinner or other award presentation.
7. Notifies publisher of the winning book.
8. Notifies the LLA Office, who will arrange for the inscription of the award, as well as purchasing the medals when needed.
9. Coordinates with the First Vice President to arrange for presentation of the award.
10. Chairperson, or committee member designated by the chairperson presents the award at the annual LLA Conference.
11. Prepares a news release announcing the winner; sends releases and photo to Louisiana Libraries and to conference publicity chairperson.

2018-19 Committee Members
Elissa Plank - Chair
Susan Gardebled
Sonnet Ireland
Keisa Arceneaux
Kimberly Adkins
Pamela Edwards
Debbie Huntington
Charlene Picheloup
John Tuggle
Abigail Desoto
Lonnie Beene


1. The Association office assists the committee by:
     a. soliciting members from among trustees, librarians just entering the profession, librarians employed temporarily in Louisiana, former members who have discontinued membership, and       interested laypersons.
     b. sending membership information to prospective members other than those who were members of the association during the preceding year.
2. The committee should work in close cooperation with the Association Executive Director. However, its function is to stimulate membership, whereas the Association Executive Director is responsible for collecting dues from both active and delinquent members.
3. Shall keep the LLA Handbook and membership brochure current.

2018-19 Committee Members
Vacant - Chair
Madelin Smith
Jennifer Creevy
Emma Guillory
Paula Bryars
Sonnet Ireland (Ex-Officio)
Bland O'Connor (Ex-Officio)

Modisette Award

To encourage the improvement of conditions in the public, school, and trustee fields by:
1. Encouraging high standards for programs in each field.
2. Acting on the recommendations of the sub-committees.

Includes sub committees for Elementary Schools, Junior-Senior High Schools, Middle Schools, Public Library, and Trustee. 

2018-19 Committee Members
Celise Reech-Harper - Overall Chair

Elementary School Libraries
Kim Howell - Chair
Paula Clemmons
Erika Russell
Brittney Hargrave
Kim McInnis

Middle School Libraries
Stephanie Wilkes - Chair
Pam Touchstone
Karen Bean
Brittney Hargrave
Janet Gary

Junior/Senior High School Libraries
Leola Mitchell - Chair
Kierin Aucoin
Lozia Richard
Amy Wander
Elizabeth Kahn

Public Libraries (Awarded in Even-Numbered Years)
Celise Reech-Harper - Chair
Laura Sanders
Christine Daigle
Meg Placke (Advisor, Non-Voting)
Brandon Shoumaker
Megan Thomas

Public Library Trustees
Giovanni Tairov- Chair
Jessica McGrath
Robin Toms
Linda Jenkins
Julie Champagne
Meg Placke - Development Consultant


1. To prepare a slate of two or more nominees, each of whom meets the qualifications stated in the Bylaws, for each elective Association office. To secure nominees, a notice requesting recommendations should be prepared for the Louisiana Libraries summer issue and sent to the editor by June 1.
2. To follow guidelines for selecting nominees for First Vice-President/President-Elect:
     a. Nominees should have prior experience on the Executive Board as an officer or Section chairperson.
     b. Nominations should, whenever possible, be rotated among the broad library type groupings, according to the following schedule:
          Academic/Subject Specialists
          Repeat the pattern
     c. No elected Association officer or Section chairperson may serve simultaneously as appointed chairperson of Association standing committees.        Exceptions are the Past President who is chairperson of the Finance Committee and the President who is chair of the Teller's Committee.
3. To inform each nominee of the responsibilities of the office for which he is running and the requirement of attendance at all Executive Board meetings. The LLA Office shall provide the Nominating Committee chairperson the duties of each office from the LLA Manual to send to the nominees for each office.
4. To inform each nominee that they must complete a Fact Sheet for Candidates for Office and submit it to the LLA office by January 15th or the following business day should January 15th fall on Saturday or Sunday, for use in preparing the election ballot.
5. To send a copy of the slate of candidates to the Association President, as soon as it is complete.
6. To send a copy of the slate of candidates to the editor of Louisiana Libraries for publication in the issue preceding the election.
7. To select two nominees every three years for LLA Representative to the American Library Association (Councilor). The ballot will be prepared by the LLA Office and -distributed to all LLA members.

2018-19 Committee Members
Connie Phelps - Chair
Paula Clemmons


LLA Resolutions

1. Initiate resolutions.
2. Prepare needed "courtesy resolutions" related to the LLA annual conference and other matters. The courtesy resolutions should be brief, adequate, and limited in number.
3. The chairperson will solicit proposed resolutions and suggestions for resolutions via e-mail and other appropriate means by no later than two months prior to the annual conference.
4. Receive proposed resolutions from LLA members and sections. The resolution sponsors must present their resolutions in written form to the chairperson of the committee by no later than two weeks prior to the annual conference. Sponsors of resolutions should be prepared to discuss and clarify via e-mail any matters which are not clear to the committee.
5. The committee will act without bias or prejudice on the proposed resolutions and will have the power to review and edit the proposed resolutions for presentation in an acceptable format. It may refer resolutions to appropriate individuals, committees, or sections for study. It may also reject resolutions for being poorly prepared, inappropriate, or in conflict with the LLA Constitution, Bylaws, or policies. The committee will approve only those resolutions deemed to be important to the LLA membership.
6. The chairperson will have the responsibility to contact the Conference Committee to arrange for any equipment needed to present resolutions at the business session of the annual conference.
7. The chairperson will see that the committee-approved resolutions are presented at the business session either by the presiding officer, a member of the committee, or the chairperson.
8. The chairperson will provide the Association Office with final copies of all resolutions approved by the membership, together with appropriate covering materials. The Association Office will be responsible for the filing and distribution of the approved resolutions, and for ensuring that they are posted on the LLA web site. The Association Office will consult with the Legislation Committee concerning the most effective means for distributing resolutions directed to the state legislature and other political bodies or individuals.
9. These procedures are designed to improve the quality and format of LLA resolutions. They are not to be used as a means of censorship.
10. These procedures, further, do not preclude the presentation of resolutions from the floor at any LLA business meeting. Sponsors of floor resolutions, however, must provide the parliamentarian or a member

2018-19 Committee Members
Vacant - Chair
Charlene Picheloup - LLA Parliamentarian
Melinda Matthews

LLA Scholarship - A Trust

Established by trust agreement of October 31, 1960. Governed by six fiduciary officers (known as trustees in the trust agreement) who shall be LLA members appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Board, for overlapping three-year terms. The secretary-treasurer of the fiduciary officers of the LLA Scholarship Fund - A Trust shall serve as an ex officio member of the LLA Scholarship Committee. 

The fiduciary officers shall meet at least once each year to act upon the management of the funds; additional meetings may be called by the chairperson as required.

All fiduciary officers shall serve for three years from the date of their appointment, effective October 31, 1960, with the exception that any fiduciary officer named to succeed another fiduciary officer who has resigned or has been removed for any reason before the expiration of his/her term shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

1. To be responsible for the guardianship of the funds of the LLA Scholarship Fund - A Trust.
2. To accept contributions, including real or personal property.
3. To invest the money received.
4. To provide the funds to be used as scholarship aid for students in the School of Library and Information Science at Louisiana State University.

Angelle Deshautelles
Mary Stein
Elissa Plank
Beth Vandersteen
Michael Golrick
Melanie Sims



Hayley Johnson -
Sarah Simms -


1. Under the direction of the Association Office and supervision of the President, to open the returned ballots and tally the votes for Association and Section offices.
2. To determine the winner by lot in case of a tie vote. Method of the lot shall be decided by the President.
3. To keep confidential the count of the votes. The actual count of the vote will not be publicized but will be available to any nominee interested.

2018-19 Committee Members
Catherine Smith- Chair
Vacant (Academic Representative)
Vacant (GODORT Representative)
Vacant (LASL Representative)
Vacant (LaSSAL Representative)
Vacant (Public Representative)
Vacant (Trustees Representative)

Web Oversight


  1. To establish guidelines for the site (to be approved by the LLA Executive Board)
  2. To design and achieve an effective web site
  3. To resolve any future issues with the web site
  4. To work with the sections and others to create/improve web pages
  5. To work with the LLA Office to review hardware and software requirements for the office computers
  6. To address issues relating to the membership database, calendar, and other items posted on the web site
2018-2019 Committee Members
Tracy Guyan - Chair
Van Viator
Bland O'Connor (Ex-Officio)

Please refer to the LLA Manual for further information on the charge and responsibilities of these Committees.