Award Winners

Louisiana Literary Award

2020 Robert W. Fieseler, "Tinderbox: The Untold Story of the Up Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay Liberation"
Ernest Gaines, "Tragedy of Brady Sims"

2018  Donald Davis, Director of LA Sea Grant at LSU and Carl Brasseaux, "Ain't There No More: Louisiana's Disappearing Coastal Plain"

2017  Dr. Keagan LeJeune, "Legendary Louisiana Outlaws: The Villains and Heroes of Folk Justice"

2016  Charles N. de Gravelles, "Billy Cannon: A Long, Long Run"

2015  Richard Campanella, "Bourbon Street: A History"

2014  Poppy Tooker & David G. Spielman, "Louisiana Eats! The People, the Food, and Their Stories"

2013  Margaret Dunbar Cutright and Tal McThenia, "A Case for Solomon: Bobby Dunbar and the Kidnapping that Haunted a Nation"

2012  Donna Barnes, The Louisiana Populist Movement 1881-1900

2011  Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana, by Leo Honeycutt

2010  "Gumbo Tales," by Sara Roahen

2009  No Award

2008  "After the Hunt: Louisiana's Authoritative Collection of Wild Game & Game Fish Cookery" by John D. Folse

2007  "Part of Me: Stories of a Louisiana Family" by Kimberly Willis Holt. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 2006

2006  "The Sugar Masters: Planters and Slaves in Louisiana's Cane World: 1820- 1860" by Richard Follett. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2005

2005  "Inside the Carnival: Unmasking Louisiana Politics" by Wayne Parent. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2004.

2004  "Charting Louisiana: Five Hundred Years of Maps" by Alfred Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese. New Orleans: The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2003.

2003  "A Troubled Dream: The Promise and Failure of School Desegregation in Louisiana" by Carl L. Bankston III & Stephen J. Caldas. Vanderbilt University Press, 2002

2002  "From Chaos to Continuity: The Evolution of Louisiana's Judicial System", Fernandez, Mark F. 1712-1862. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2001.

2001  "Marie Adrien Persac: Louisiana Artist" Bacot, H. Parrott, et al. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2000.

2000  "Louisiana in the Age of Jackson: A Clash of Cultures and Personalities" Tregle, Joseph G., Jr. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1999.

1999  "My Louisiana Sky" Holt, Kimberly Willis. New York: Holt, 1998

1998  "Louisiana Buildings, 1720-1940: The Historic American Buildings Survey" .Poesch, Jessie, and Barbara SoRelle Bacot, eds. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1997.

1997  "Madaline: Love and Survival in Antebellum New Orleans" Upton, Dell, ed. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1996.

1996  "Race and Democracy: The Civil Rights Struggle in Louisiana, 1915-1972" Fairclough, Adam. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1995.

1995  "Washington through a Purple Veil: Memoirs of a Southern Lady" Boggs, Lindy. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1994.

1994  "A Lesson Before Dying" Gaines, Ernest J. New York: Knopf, 1993.

1993  "Africans in Colonial Louisiana: The Development of Afro-Creole Culture in the Eighteenth Century" Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1992.

1992  "Flora of Louisiana Stones", Margaret, and Lowell Urbatsch. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1991.

1991  "The Collected Stories of John William Corrington" Corrington, Joyce. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1990.

1990  "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana" Dundee, Harold A., and Douglas A. Rossman. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1989.

1989  "Judah P. Benjamin: The Jewish Confederate Evans", Eli N. New York: Free Press, 1988.

1988  "The Thanatos Syndrome" Percy, Walker. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1987.

1987  "Requiem for a Kingfish" Reed, Ed. Baton Rouge: Award Publications/Ed Reed Organization, 1986.

1986  "Lady's Time" Hewat, Alan V. New York: Harper & Row, 1985.

1985  "Parnassus on the Mississippi: The Southern Review and the Baton Rouge Literary Community, 1935-1942" Cutrer, Thomas W. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1984.

1984  "Grace King: A Southern Destiny" Bush, Robert. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1983.

1983  "Plantation Homes of Louisiana and the Natchez Area" Gleason, David King. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1982. [Nonfiction]; Segura, Chris. Marshland Brace: Two Louisiana Stories. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1982. [Fiction]

1982  "Atchafalaya, America's Largest River Basin Swamp Lockwood, C. C. Baton Rouge: Beauregard Press, 1981.

1981  "Lost New Orleans" Cable, Mary. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1980. [Nonfiction]; "A Confederacy of Dunces" Toole, John Kennedy. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1980. [Fiction]

1980  "Yankee Autumn in Acadiana: A Narrative of the Great Texas Overland Expedition through Southwest Louisiana, October-December 1863" Edmonds, David C. . Lafayette: Acadiana Press, 1979.

1979  "In Search of Buddy Bolden, First Man of Jazz" Marquis, Donald M. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1979.

1978  Percy, Walker. Lancelot. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1977. [Fiction]

1977  "Acadia Parish, Louisiana: A History to 1900" Fontenot, Mary Alice, and Paul B. Freeland. Baton Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1976.

1976  "Louisiana Reconstructed, 1863-1877" Taylor, Joe Gray. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1974.

1975  "The Mammals of Louisiana and Its Adjacent Waters" Lowery, George H. . [Baton Rouge]: Published for the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission by LSU Press, 1974.

1974  "The Bayous Feibleman" Peter S. New York: Time-Life Books, 1973.

1973  "Wildflowers of Louisiana and Adjoining States Brown" Clair A. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1972.

1972  "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" Gaines, Ernest J. New York: Dial Press, 1971.

1971  "They Came to Louisiana: Letters of a Catholic Mission, 1854-1882" McCants, Dorothea O. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1970.

1970  "Huey Long" Williams, T. Harry. New York: Knopf, 1969.

1969  No award

1968  "New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album" Rose, Al, and Edmond Souchon. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1967.

1967  "Tulane: The Biography of a University" Dyer, John P., 1834-1965. New York: Harper & Row, 1966.

1966  "Gayoso: The Life of a Spanish Governor in the Mississippi Valley, 1789-1799" Holmes, Jack D. L. Baton Rouge: Published by LSU Press for the Louisiana Historical Association, 1965.

1965  "Henry Watkins Allen of Louisiana" Cassidy, Vincent H., and Amos E. Simpson. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1964.

1964  "The Civil War in Louisiana" Winters, John D. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1963.

1963  "Cajun Sketches from the Prairies of Southwest Louisiana" Post, Lauren C. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1962.

1962  "The Siege of New Orleans" Brooks, Charles B. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1961.

1961  "Rudolph Matas: A Biography of One of the Great Pioneers in Surgery". Cohn, Isidore, with Hermann B. Deutsch. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1960.

1960  No award

1959  "The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana" Duffy, John. Vol. 1. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1958.

1958  "Louisiana Sugar Plantations during the American Civil War" Roland, Charles P. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1957.

1957  "Huey Long's Louisiana: State Politics, 1920-1952". Sindler, Allan P. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1956.

1956  "Louisiana Birds" Lowery, George H. [Baton Rouge]: Published for the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission by LSU Press, 1955.

1955  No award

1954  "Fleur de Lys and Calumet: Being the Pénicant Narrative of French Adventure in Louisiana". McWilliams, Richebourg Gaillard. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1953.

1953  "The Golden Age of the New Orleans Theater" Kendall, John. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1952.

1952  "The Pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans" Tallant, Robert. New York: Random House, 1951.

1951  "Red Bone Woman" Tillery, Carlyle. New York: J. Day, 1950.

1950  "Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children, and Other Streets of New Orleans" Chase, John Churchill. New Orleans: R. L. Crager, 1949.

1949  "Creole Folk Tales: Stories of the Lousiana Marsh Country," Ballowe, Hewitt. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1948

Essae M. Culver Award

2020  Pamela Barfield Edwards, Calcasieu Parish Public Library
  Jean Kiesel

2016  Dr. Beth Paskoff

2015  Beth Vandersteen

2014  Angelle Deshautelles

2013  Sona Dombourian

2012  Randy DeSoto

2011  Lilly F. Smith

2010  Lyle Johnson, Director, Acadia Parish Library

2009  No Award

2008  Jackie Choate, Director, Vermillion Parish Library

2007  No award

2006  Amanda Taylor, Director, Concordia Parish

2005  Florence M. Jumonville, Chair, Louisiana and Special Collections Dept, Earl K. Long Library, UNO

2004  Garland Strother, Director, St. Charles Parish Library

2003  Carla S. Hostetter (retired), Iberia Parish Library

2002  Phyllis Heroy, Supervisor of Library Services, East Baton Rouge Parish School Board

2001  Myrtle Smith Bolner, Librarian Emeritus, Louisiana State University Libraries

2000  Joy Lowe, Associate Professor of Library Science, Louisiana Tech University

1999  Sonya Branch, Director (retired), Lafayette Public Library

1998  Lynda Carlberg (posthumously), Director, Calcasieu Parish Library

1997  Elizabeth Bingham, Head, Adult and Circulation Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

1996  Helen Sorrell, Librarian, Alexandria Historical Library

1995  F. Landon Greaves, Former Dean, Linus A. Sims Memorial Library

1994  No award

1993  Sue Anderson Hill, Library Automation Consultant, Ascension Parish School System

1992  Julia King Avant, Director, Lincoln Parish Library System

1991  Ben Brady, Director, Ouachita Parish Library

1990  Thomas F. Jaques, State Librarian, Louisiana State Library

1989  Coleen Cole Salley, Professor, College of Education, University of New Orleans

1988  No award

1987  Jane Ellen Carstens, Professor of Library Science, University of Southwestern Louisiana

1986  No award

1985  Betty Lou Roundtree, Coordinator of Technical Services, Louisiana State Library

1984  Marcia Perkins (posthumously), Public Library Consultant, Louisiana State Library

1983  Bronislaw and Mary Ellen Janowski, retired from Evangeline and Allen parish libraries

1982  Agnes A. Harris, Director, Ouachita Parish Library

1981  John Richard, Director, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

1980  Ruth Reedy, Director, Frazar Memorial Library, McNeese State University

1979  Vivian Cazayoux, Associate State Librarian, Louisiana State Library

1978  No award

1977  Hester B. Slocum, Assistant City Librarian, New Orleans Public Library

1976  Margaret Lane, Recorder of State Documents (retired), State Library of Louisiana

1975  Shirley Knowles Stephenson, LSU Library School (retired), Louisiana State University

1974  No Award

1973  Frances Flanders, Director, Ouachita Parish Public Library

1972  William D. Postell, Director, Rudolph Matas Medical Library, Tulane University

1971  Sallie Farrell, State Librarian, Louisiana State Library

1970  Olive Gehring, Library Consultant, St. Martin Parish Schools

1969  Debora Abramson, Assistant State Librarian, Louisiana State Library

1968  Lois Shortess, Head, Extension Department, Louisiana State Library

1967  Sue Hefley, Director, Instructional Materials Services, Webster Parish

1966  Florrinell F. Morton, Director, LSU Library School

1965  No Award

Anthony H. Benoit Mid-Career

2020  No recipient
  Montie' Dobbins, Head, User Access Services/Circulation, LSUHSC

2017  Meg Placke

2016  Jeremy Bolom

2015  Allison Barron

2014  Linda Smith Griffin, LSU Libraries

2013  Melanie Sims

2012  Rebecca Hamilton

2011  Vivian McCain

2010  Sigrid Kelsey, LSU

2009  Melissa Hymel, Pointe Coupee Parish Library

2008  Vicki Nesting, St. Charles Parish Library

2007  No award

2006  Debra Cox Rollins, LSU-A

2005  Mary Cosper LeBouef, Director, Terrebonne Parish Library

2004  Angelle Deshautelles, Director, Ascension Parish Library

2003  Eileen R. Kontrovitz

2002  Charlene Cain, Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University

2001  Gary Rolstad, Associate State Librarian, State Library of Louisiana

2000  Jackie Choate, Director, Vermillion Parish Library

1999  Paige Hanchey-LeBeau, Director, Calcasieu Parish Public Library

1998  Joe Landrum, Public Library Consultant, State Library of Louisiana

1997  Cheryl Cooper, Director, St. Mary Parish Library

1996  Sona Dombourian, Assistant Director Lafayette Public Library

1995  Michael A. DiCarlo, Assistant Director of Public Services, Prescott Memorial Library, Louisiana Tech University

1994  Elizabeth K. Vandersteen, Director, Rapides Parish Library

1993  Phyllis Heroy, Supervisor of Libraries, East Baton Rouge Parish School Board

1992  No award

1991  Judith I. Boyce, Director, Jefferson Parish Library System

1990  Garland Strother, Director, St. Charles Parish Library

1989  Carla Hostetter, Director, Iberia Parish Library

1988  Joy Lowe, Associate Professor of Library Science, Louisiana Tech University

1987  Anthony Benoit, Director, Jefferson Parish Library

1986  Patsy Perritt, Associate Professor, LSU School of Library and Information Science

1985  Robert (Bob) Heriard, Reference/Bibliographer, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

1984  Thomas F. Jaques, State Librarian, Louisiana State Library

1983  Elizabeth (Beth) Bingham, Head, Adult Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

1982  Dolores Owen, Documents Librarian, University of Southwestern Louisiana

1981  Roberta (Bobbie) Scull, Associate Librarian, Government Documents Department, Middleton Library, Louisiana State University

1980  Collin Hamer, Head, Louisiana Division, New Orleans Public Library

1979  Lynda (Netherland) Lee, Director, Calcasieu Parish Library

LLA Meritorious Service Award

2020  No recipient
  Karen Cook

2015  Dawn Pinkston

2014  Vivian Solar

2013  No recipient

2012  Alma Dawson

2011  No recipient

2010  Howard L. Coy, Jr, Vernon Parish Library

2009  Randy Allen DeSoto, St. John the Baptist Parish Library

2008  Sona J. Dombourian, Lafayette Public Library

2007  No award

2006  Trudy Patterson

2005  Thomas F. Jaques

Outstanding Academic Librarian

2020  No Award
  No Award

2015  No Award

2014  Elaine Smyth, LSU Libraries

2013  Michael E. Matthews, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

2012  Beth Stahr, Southeastern Louisiana University

2011  No recipient

2010  Lori Smith, Southeastern Louisiana University

2009  David Charles Duggar, LSU Health Sciences Center

2008  Michael DiCarlo, Prescott Memorial Library

2007  No recipient

2006  No recipient

2005  Sara Zimmerman, LOUIS

2004  No recipient

2003  No recipient

2002  Ralph Boe, LOUIS

Article of the Year Award *NEW*

2020  Angela Dunnington, Sims Memorial Library at Southeastern Louisiana Univserity, "Using Mango to Enhance Language and Cultural Programs: A Faculty-Librarian Partnership"
  Marty Miller and Andrea Hebert

2017  Paul Kelsey

2016  Gabriel Morley

Margaret T. Lane (GODORT)

2020  Hayley Johnson, Middleton Library at Louisiana State University
  Michael Schachtman

2016  Rita Franks

2015  Stephanie Braunstein

2013  No recipient

2011  No recipient

2010  Ferol A. Foos, State Library of Louisiana

2009  Judy Smith

2008  No Award

2007  R. Brantley Cagle, Jr.

2006  No award

2005  No award

2004  Lori L. Smith

2003  Jean Kiesel

2002  Doris Hutson

2001  Charlene Cain

2000  LOUIS Louisiana Library Network

1999  Catherine Lemann

1998  No award

1997  Grace Moore

1996  Frances Skiffington

Outstanding Support Staff Professional Award (LaSSAL)

2020  No recipient
  Kari Johnson, Library Clerical, Book Fair Chairperson, Stockwell Place Elementary School Library

2016  Sarah Creekmore

2015  Kathy Tuminello

2014  Gail Goldberg

2013  No recipient

2012  Mary Shively

2011  Brenda Manning

2010  Jane Vidrine, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2009  Rhoda March, Jefferson Parish Library

2008  April Milton, State Library of Louisiana

2007  Sylvia D. Waits

2006  Robert Bradley

2005  Lois Grant

2004  Mildred Osborne

2003  Faye Carlton

2002  Barbara Royer

Lucy B. Foote (Subject Specialist)

2020  No recipient
  Sheryl Curry

2014  Dixie Alford Jones

2013  No recipient

2012  No recipient

2011  Georgia Chadwick

2010  no recipient

2009  Elizabeth Stother, LSU School of Dentistry

2008  Elissa Plank, Middleton Library

2007  No recipient

2006  No recipient

2005  Mary L. Marix

2004  Jean S. Kiesel

2003  Marianne L. Comegys

2002  Judith D. Smith

2001  Carol D. Billings

2000  No award

1999  Pamela D. Arceneaux

1998  Ferol Foos

1997  William McCleary

1996  Sandra Mooney

1995  Judith Najolia

1994  Anna H. Perrault

1993  R. Brantley Cagle, Jr.

1992  Beth M. Paskoff

1991  Roberta A. (Bobbie) Scull

1990  Olga Loretta Hines Hayward

1989  Jimmie Hoover

1988  No award

1987  Colin B. Hammer, Jr.

1986  Margaret T. Lane

1985  Florence M. Jumonville

1984  Harriet Callahan

1983  Lou Thomas

1982  Evangeline Lynch

1981  Dorothy B. Skau

Sue Hefley Educator of the Year (LASL)

2020  Ginger Gustavson, Captain Shreve High School in Caddo Parish
  Warren Drake, East Baton Rouge Parish School System

2015  Catherine A. Smith

2013  Deacon Frances "Boo" Kay

2012  No recipient

2011  No recipient

2010  Cathy Seal, East Baton Rouge Parish School System

2009  No Award

2008  John P. Juneau

2007  No recipient

2006  Susan Garcia

2005  Judy H. Noles

2004  Nanette Greer

2003  No recipient

2002  Sallie T. Namie

School Librarian of the Year (LASL) ** Previously listed as School Library Media Specialist Award

2020  Amanda Jones, Live Oak Middle School in Livingston Parish
  Charlene Picheloup

2016  Tiffany Whitehead

2015  Desiree Alexander

2014  Susan Gauthier

2013  Melony LeMay

2012  Elizabeth Dumas

2011  Elizabeth Kahn

2010  Terrence E. Young, West Jefferson High/ University of New Orleans

2009  Janet Lanthrop, West Feliciana Middle School

2008  Betty Brackins

2007  No recipient

2006  No recipient

2005  Melissa Elrod

2004  No recipient

2003  No recipient

2002  Lynzie Boudreaux

1997  Catherine A. Seal

Elizabeth Bruns Award (LASL)

2013  No recipient

2012  No recipient

2011  No recipient

2010  Renee Grantham, Westlake High School

2006  award was transferred to Public Section

2005  No recipient

2004  Lillian Bolden

2003  No recipient

2002  Brenda DeWolf

James O. Modisette Award for Public Libraries

2020  Lafayette Public Library, Teresa Elberson, Director
  Lafourche Parish Public Library

2014  Ascension Parish Library, Angelle Deshautelles, Director

2013  No award

2012  Lincoln Parish Library (Director- Vivian McCain)

2011  No recipient

2011  No award

2010  Livingston Parish Library

2008  Jefferson Davis Parish Library, Linda LeBert

2007  No award

2006  Vermillion Parish Library, director Jackie Choate

2005  No award

2004  Terrebonne Parish Library, director Mary Cosper-LeBouef

2003  No award

2002  Vermillion Parish Library, director Jackie Choate

2001  No award

2000  Ascension Parish Library, director Angelle Deshautelles

1999  No award

1998  Beauregard Parish Library, director Lilly Smith

1997  No award

1996  Calcasieu Public Library, director Linda Carlberg

1995  No award

1994  Ascension Parish Library, director Angelle Deshautelles

1993  No award

1992  St. Mary Parish Library, director Cheryl Cooper

1991  No award

1990  Lincoln Parish Library, director Julia Avant

1989  No award

1988  Lafayette Parish Library, director Sonya Branch

1987  No award

1986  Concordia Parish Library, director Amanda Taylor

1985  No award

1984  Jackson Parish Library, director Faye Hood

1983  No award

1982  Jackson Parish Library, director Faye Hood

1981  No award

1980  East Baton Rouge Parish Library, director John B. Richard

1979  No award

1978  Ouachita Parish Public Library, director Julia Avant

1977  No award

1976  Concordia Parish Library, director Mary Jane Smith

1975  No award

1974  No award

1973  Iberville Parish Library, director Glenna Lusk

1972  No award

1971  Opelousas-Eunice Public Library, director Dorothy Mayer

1970  Assumption Parish Library, director Mary Brand

1969  Union Parish Library, director Agnes Harris

1968  LaSalle Parish Library, director Mrs. H. D. Gaddis

1967  Shreve Memorial- Caddo Extension Library, director Juanita Rembert

1966  Calcasieu Parish Library, director Margie Lynch

1965  Franklin Parish Library, director Eunice Cotton

1964  Ouachita Parish Public Library, director Frances Flanders

1963  Union Parish Library, director Agnes Harris

1962  Pointe Coupee Parish Library, director Mrs. J. M. Holloway

1961  Morehouse Parish Library, director Mrs. Hoffman Jones

1960  Allen Parish Library, director Mary T. Janowski

1959  Vernon Parish Library, director Margie Lynch

1958  Vernon Parish Library , director Margie Lynch

1957  St. Martin Parish Library, director Hazel Sockrider

1956  Webster Parish Library, director Marion Taylor

1955  Lafourche Parish Library, director Edith Peterson

1954  Morehouse Parish Library, director Mrs. Hoffman Jones

1953  Iberville Parish Library, director Mrs. John McGinnis

1952  Jefferson Parish Library, director Cleo Songy

1951  Winn Parish Library, director Rubie M. Hanks

1950  Vermilion Parish Library, director Cleo Songy

1949  Iberia Parish Library, director Elisabeth Cammack

1948  Ouachita Parish Public Library, director Frances Flanders

1947  East Baton Rouge Parish Library, director Mrs. Max Schenker

James O. Modisette Award for Public Library Trustees

2020  No recipient
  Renard Chatman, Concordia Parish Library Board Member

2017  Kizzy Payton

2016  D.J. "Peanut" Alleman

2015  Lyda Madden

2014  Janice Esthay

2013  No award

2012  Estelle Perrault

2011  Cynthia Sellers

2010  Doris Barnes, Tensas Parish Library System

2009  Marjorie Tinsley Vogt, Concordia Parish Library

2008  Vivian Wylene Hurst, Pointe Coupee Parish Library

2007  Lee Verret, Lafayette Public Library

2006  Susan S. Hamilton, Lafayette Public Library

2005  No recipien

2004  Charles Davidson, Terrebonne Parish Library

2003  Anne Kilpatrick, Lincoln Parish Library

2002  Wayne Sutton, Bienville Parish Library

2001  Henry Hobbs, Webster Parish Public Library

2000  Mary Alice Aydell, Ascension Parish Public Library

1999  J. T. Platt, Calcasieu Parish Public Library

1998  Suzan Allen, Lafayette Public Library

1997  Mary Fargeson Bennett, Audubon Regional Library

1996  Helen Kohlman, New Orleans Public Library

1995  Wayne L. Coco, Avoyelles Parish Library

1994  C. Lane Sartor, Shreve Memorial Library

1993  John A. Melancon, St. Mary Parish Board of Control

1992  Mary C. Biggs , St. Mary Parish Board of Control

1991  Mrs. Ollie Burns, Ouachita Parish Library

1990  Jean T. Kreamer, Lafayette Public Library

1989  Mrs. Nathan Calhoun Concordia Parish Library

1988  Glenna Kramer, St. Mary Parish Board of Control

1987  Thad S. Johnson, Allen Parish Library Board

1986  Claudius Mayo, Catahoula Parish Library

1985  York Sheppard, Catahoula Parish Library

1984  No award

1983  Mrs. D. Crawford Young, Natchitoches Parish Library

1982  Mrs. Bob R. Jones, Audubon Regional Library

1981  Paulette Holahan, New Orleans Public Library

1980  Mrs. A. L. Keoun, Bossier Parish Library

1979  James E. Abadie, Ascension Parish Library

1978  W. R. Alexander, Union Parish Library

1977  Jacob S. Landry, Iberia Parish Library

1976  Murphy Tannehill, LaSalle Parish Library

1975  Matt Vernon, Opelousas-Eunice Library

1974  Clifton E. Hester, Madison Parish Library

1973  Mrs. W.D. Cotton, Richland Parish Library

1972  L. H. Coltharp, Jr., Beauregard Parish Library

1971  Robert Snyder, Lincoln Parish Library

1970  Mrs. Charles Keller, Jr., New Orleans Public Library

1969  Mrs. Clifford M. Strauss, Ouachita Parish Library

1968  George J. Lallande, Iberia Parish Library

1967  Helen S. Smith, Terrebonne Parish Library

1966  Don T. Caffery, St. Mary Parish Library

1965  Alex P. Allain, St. Mary Parish Library

1964  Mrs. W. B. MacMillan, Vermilion Parish Library

1963  Warren E. Dietrich, Webster Parish Library

1962  Mrs. Robert R. Rhymes, Richland Parish Library

1961  Mrs. Weldon Lynch, Allen Parish Library

1960  James Madison, Morehouse Parish Library

1959  Mrs. O. N. Reynolds, Caldwell Parish Library

1958  Mrs. B. W. Biedenharn, Ouachita Parish Public Library

1957  Mary Mims, Louisiana State Library

1956  Edith Steckler, St. Martin Parish Library

James O. Modisette Award for School Libraries

2020  Elementary School: Sherry Carver, Woodlawn Elementary School in Ouachita Parish; Middle School: Laura Foy, Denham Springs Junior High School in Livingston Parish
  Elementary School: Paula Clemmons, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School; Middle School and Jr./Sr. High School: Elizabeth Kahn, Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy

2017  Elementary School: Kim "Lovie" Howell & Kari Johnson, Stockwell Elementary School; Middle School: Lauren Gyorgy & Bobbi Parry, Southeast Middle School

2016  Elementary School: Pamela Lakvold, Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School; High School: Byrd High School

2015  Good Hope Middle School, Stephanie Wilkes

2014  Betty Brackins and Leola Mitchell, Baton Rouge Magnet High School

2013  Anne Maverick, McKinley High School

2012  No award

2011  Elementary School: Paula Graffeo, J. Wallace James Elementary

2011  Elementary School: Paula Graffeo, J. Wallace James Elementary, Middle School: No Award, Junior-Senior High School: Pat Bordelon and Leslie Smith, Central High School

2010  Pineville Elementary School Library; No middle school award; Mandeville High School

2009  St. Thomas More Catholic High School

2008-09  No Elementary School; No Middle School; No Junior-Senior High School

2007-08  No Elementary School; No Middle School; Baton Rouge Magnet High, Betty Brackins & Leola Mitchell

2006-07  Our Lady of Fatima, Dianne Dempsey; No Middle School; Loreauville High School, Charlene R. Picheloup

2005-06  No Elementary School; No Middle School; Captain Shreve High School, Melissa Elrod & Annette Williford

2004-05  Audubon Elementary School, Kathy Hargroder; No Middle School; No Junior-Senior High School

2003-04  Baines Lower Elementary, Linda Holmes; No Middle School; Baton Rouge Magnet High School, Claudia J Fisher & Betty Brackins

2002-03  no elementary award; no middle school award; Tara High School Cathy Black & Pat Borderlon

2001-02  Tara High School Cathy Black; (Junior-Senior Award) Pat Borderlon

2000-01  Carencro Heights Elementary Kim Prejean; No middle school award; Jennings High School Lynzie Boudreaux

1999-2000  University Terrace Elementary School Catherine Brooks; No middle school award; No high school award

1998-99  Eden Gardens Fundamental Magnet School Judy C. Milam; Clearwood Junior High School Nancy Walker; Chalmette High School Gene Cosentino, Peggy Schwarz

1997-98  S. J. Montgomery Elementary School Marilyn Watson; No middle school award; No high school award

1996-97  Cedarcrest-Southmoor Elementary School Miriam Barton; Maplewood Middle School Beatrice Hopkins Jody Oubre; New Iberia Freshman Gloria Brady School Fran Morris

1995-96  Mitchell Elementary School Jan McGee; No middle school award; St. Thomas Moore High School Susan Hamilton/Cinde Sulik

1994-95  Audubon Elementary School Cheryl Singer; Edgar A. Martin Middle School Antonia White; Baton Rouge Magnet Melva Brown; High School Betty Brackins

1993-94  Jefferson Terrace Elementary School Linda Holmes; LeBlanc Middle/Jake Drost School for Exceptional Children Mary Liprie; Patterson High School Golda Jordan

1992-93  Welsh Elementary School Brenda DeWolf; No middle school award; No high school award

1991-92  Daspit Elementary School Dorothy L. Grimsley; No middle school award; Destrehan High School Viola Patterson Hymel/ Harriet Colon Clark

1990-91  No elementary school award; John Q. Adams Middle School Annette Thibodeaux; Zachary High School Mary Mills

1989-90  Broadmoor Elementary School Linda Dominum; No middle school award; Tara High School Catherine Seal/Paula Watts

1988-89  No elementary school award; Winnfield Middle School Claudia Machen; New Iberia Senior High School Ina Sarkies/Terry Williams

1987-88  No elementary school award; Hahnville High School Dolores Chauffe/Bernuce Mayfield

1986-87  Dozier Elementary School Anne B. Guilbeaux; No middle school award; Walker High School Allen Cunningham/ Bobbye Impson

1985-86  Ascension Day School Peggy Nolan; No middle school award; Abramson High School Hazel Moore/Helen Fincher/Aldor Matta

1984-85  St. Mark's Day School Beverly Barkley; No middle school award; Mandeville High School Cynthia Siadous/Martha McCaffrey

1983-84  No elementary school award; Istrouma Middle Magnet School Marvene Dearman; Captain Shreve High School Zoe Ramsey/Evelyn Valore

1982-83  Eaton Park Elem. School Jane Barras; No middle school award; Brother Martin High School Gayle Salvatore

1981-82  A. A. Nelson Elem. School Sue Way; Our Lady of Fatima School Susan Hamilton; Ridgewood Jr. High School Amaryllis H. Furr

1980-81  St. Amant Elementary School Sue Hill/Kathy Richard; Huntington High School Bennette Daniel/ Helen Rye

1979-80  Teche Elementary School Carole Dauphine;No high school award

1978-79  Leesville State School Howard Coy; Airline High School Virginia Bryan

1977-78  No elementary school award; Carencro High School Roland Simon

1976-77  DeQuincy Elementary School Yvonne K. Theriot; St. Mary's Dominican High School Margaret Waltzer

1975-76  St. Martinville Primary School Claire Dunbar; Byrd High School, Shreveport Lucile Tindel

1974-75  No elementary school award; St. Louis High School Alvina Hood

1973-74  No elementary school award; Southwood High School Bernice Prather

1972-73  No elementary school award; Alfred M. Barbe High School Jean Ballintine

1971-72  L. J. Allemand School Melba Axtell; DeRidder Junior High School Jeanne Essmeier

1970-71  Hillsdale Elementary School Mrs. Theo Roverson; Bastrop High School Nellie Simmons

1969-70  Kaplan Elementary School Amanda Hanks; Eunice High School Mildred C. Wooten

1968-69  Sherwood Forest Elementary School Renee May; Walnut Hill High School Lora Timberlake

1967-68  No award

1966-67  University Terrace School Marie Brewer University Terrace School Marie Brewer; Covington High School Naomi Rausch

1965-66  No award

1964-65  Homer High School Nedra E. McDonald

1962-63  Ouachita Parish High School Gladys Ward

1961-62  North Bayou Rapides Elementary School Mrs. Crawford H. Downs

1960-61  Lakeshore Elementary School Maude Gore

1959-60  Westside Elementary School Alliene N. Hofmann

1958-59  W. W. Lewis Jr. High School Jean Royston

1957-58  Henning Elementary School Hazel McNamara

1956-57  Eunice High School Mildred C. Wooten

1955-56  Opelousas High School Brunette Klans

1955  Ovey Trahan, Winn Parish Library

1954-55  Lake Charles High School Ruth Clark Reedy

1953-54  No award

1952-53  Kinder High School Myrtle Bacon

1951-52  Hall Summit High School Leola H. Lofton

1950-51  Natchitoches High School Agnes Clark

1949-50  Natchitoches High School Lucille Carnahan

1948-49  Terrebonne High School Lena DeGrummond

1947-48  Many High School Mrs. Olin D. Moore

Public Library Director of the Year (Public)

2020 Laura Sanders, Lafourche Public Library System

Giovanni Tairov, Livingston Parish Library

2017 Mary Cosper LeBoeuf, Terrebonne Parish Library

Public Librarian of the Year (Public)

2020  No recipient
  Paul Ardoin, Technology Coordinator, St. Martin Parish Library
2014  Celise Reech-Harper, Associate Director of Public Services, Beauregard Parish Library 
2012  Jeremy Bolom, Head of Public Service, Lincoln Parish Library 

Alex Allain Intellectual Freedom

2020  Seale Paterons, New Orleans Public Library
  No recipient

2012  No recipient

2011  No recipient

2010  Naomi Hurtienne, Martha Sowell Utley Memorial Library

2009  No award

2008  No Award

2007  Peggy Chalaron, LSU Libraries, Lousiana State University

2006  No award

2005  No award

2004  No award

2003  Holly Priestley, Young Adult Librarian, Ouachita Parish Public Library

2002  Joe Cook, Executive Director, ACLU-Louisiana

2001  Charlene Cain, Law Library, LSU Paul Hebert Law Center

2000  No award

1999  Barbara Forrest, Southeastern State University

1998  No award

1997  Deloris Wilson, School Librarian, West Monroe High School

1996  Jeri Ferrara, School Librarian, Fontainebleau High School, Mandeville

1995  No award

1994  Patsy Perritt, Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Louisiana State University

1993  No award

1992  No award

1991  Alex P. Allain, St. Mary Parish Library Board

Scholarship and Grant Winners

LLA Scholarship

2020  No recipient
  Megan Yarbrough

2015  Jessica Claire Barrilleaux

2014  Sarah Jaye Durr

2013  Shannan L. Hicks

2012  Heather Trahan Dupuis

2011  Ginger Coon

Mary Moore Mitchell Scholarship

2020  Jason Straight
  Keri M. Walker

2014  Brandy Burbante

2012  Michelle Coates

2011  Elizabeth Colvin

Educational Foundation of the Trustee Section Award

2020  Joseph Lachajczyk
  Alexander Bourgeois

2016  Claire Doré

2015  Jonathan F. Post

2014  Jose Ocasio

2013  Zachary McGar

2012  Christine Sabathia

2011  Dominic Bordelon

Thorpe Associates Grassroots Grant

2020  No recipient
  Lisa Lovello

2015  Paula Herrington

2014  Vanissa Ely

2013  Diedre Fuqua

2012  Alyson Gamble

2011  Jenifer French

Ollie Burns Scholarship

2017  Krishanda Mayers

2016  Jonathan Post

2015  Megan Bell

2013  Hang "Hanna" Hoang

2012  Ashley Watts

2011  Jordan Signater

Alice C. Dixon Dantro Scholarship

2015  Claire Dore

2014  Shannan Hicks

2013  Doris Lively

2012  Brandon Beckham

2011  Julie Weber