LaSSAL (Louisiana Support Staff Association of Libraries)

The 2018 LaSSAL Conference will be held at the Natchitoches Events Center on October 1st.

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The purpose of LaSSAL is to provide a network of continuing education for library support staff, promote ideas and communication among our members, and encourage professional development, thus enhancing our effectiveness in the library.

Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair

Appointed Representatives:
Louisiana Libraries Editorial Board Member; Web Liaison

Archives, Award, Communications, Conference, Bylaws/Manual; Membership, Nominating

Outstanding Paraprofessional of the Year

Publications: Newsletter, formerly SSIGNALS 1997-1999, now LaSSAL News 2004-present.


  • Organizes annual LaSSAL Statewide Conference
  • Co-sponsor Regional Meetings
  • Sponsors one or more continuing education programs at LLA

LaSSAL Bylaws