Subject Specialists Section

The purpose of the Subject Specialists Section is to encourage those with a subject interest or expertise, or who are employed in a special library, information center or special collection to participate in activities of the section.

Chair; Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Secretary.

Conference Program Committee; Lucy B. Foote Award Committee.

Lucy B. Foote Award

Subject Specialists' Newsletter is the official newsletter of the section.


  • Sponsors continuing education programs with other organizations to offer members of the library profession information about current important topics.
  • Sponsors one or more educational programs during the Annual Conference.

Preservation Tips

Charlene Bonnette (past chair of Subject Specialists) distributed the following Preservation Tips during her term:

Free Webinars from Preservation Week (
These are recorded webinars you can listen to on a variety of preservation topics.

Know Your Digital Storage Media (
A guide to the most common types of digital storage media found in archives, prepared by UT San Antonio libraries.

LOC Preservation (
Great information on preserving different types of collections, FAQ's, locating an Appraiser or Conservator, Ask-A-Librarian feature, etc.

Lunder Conservation Center (
Under Tools in the menu at top, you can click on a preservation supply item and see a video clip of how to use it.

Preservation at the National Archives (
Another excellent site on preserving different types of collections with information on how to approach each preservation issue.

September, 1989; May, 1994

Subject Specialists Bylaws