LLA Annual Membership Meeting

Monday, June 29, 2020
6:00-7:00 PM via Zoom
On Monday, June 29th, the Louisiana Library Association will host an annual membership meeting via Zoom. Links will be sent to members via email.

Bylaws Only

Bylaws with Changes


The Louisiana Library Association condemns racism and injustice in our communities and our nation. By their very definition, libraries are bastions of equitable treatment, fairness, and hope. We are deeply sorrowful over recent events, and we stand firmly against the horrific instances of bigotry and oppression, remembering especially those in our state who have suffered and died at the treacherous hands of misplaced power. We stand with our colleagues and library users in condemnation of racism against Black people and all People of Color. We support you, and we are with you.

Libraries and librarians are essential in an information society. Join our advocacy efforts to educate our community and let your voice be heard!
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The Louisiana Library Association will be working throughout the summer to host fun virtual events for members. Click the link above to view recordings of the virtual events starting with the LLA Social Distance Party with Casey Sabra from May 12th!


The Association is proud to present scholarships to qualified graduate library students. The deadline to apply is May 1 for the following academic year.
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Members enjoy many benefits including, discounts on events, a quarterly journal, and much more. Join us today!
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Changes to LLA Bylaws


Please take time to review the proposed changes to the Louisiana Library Association bylaws in the links below. These changes will be voted on at the annual conference membership meeting, March 27. Please email any questions to Sonnet Ireland at sonnet@sonnetireland.com or Chris Achee at cache@state.lib.la.us.

2020 Bylaws Draft

LLA Manual 2020 Revisions

LLA 2020-2021 Candidate Nominations


Please complete the following "2020-2021 Candidates for Office Fact Sheet" to submit your nomination (or a nomination of behalf of a candidate) to be added to the official ballot of the Association or Section(s).

A nominee must be a personal member of the Association to run for association offices or a personal member of a section to run for section offices. A nominee must be able to perform the duties of the office as outlined in the LLA Manual https://llaonline.org/Documents/2015_LLA_Manual.pdf, including attendance at meetings. No nomination shall be made which could result in simultaneous service as chairperson of more than one section or as an association officer and an officer of a section.

Please keep in mind when submitting your nomination that the rotation schedule for First Vice President/President-Elect is a School Librarian for the coming year.

Nominations are due by Friday, January 10, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the LLA Office at (972) 851-8000 or by email at lla@amigos.org.

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