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Association Committees are appointed for the purpose of carrying out the work of the association. The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoints these Committees, as well as the Committee Chairs.

Interested in serving on a committee? Just click the button below to fill out a standard committee volunteer form or an awards committee volunteer form.


Each Section may also have Committees established to carry out the work of that particular Section. Each Section has Committee Chairs.

LLA currently has 16 standing association Committees:         

Anthony Benoit Mid Career Award

To recognize a Louisiana librarian in mid-career for outstanding contributions to the field of librarianship.

Committee Members

Erin Chesnutt, echesnut at beau dot org
Abagail Desoto, abigail dot desoto at lsus dot edu

Lindsey Reno, lreno at uno dot edu

Will Olmstadt, will dot olmstadt at lsuhs dot edu

Essae M. Culver Award

To honor a librarian whose professional service and achievements, whose leadership in Louisiana association work, and whose lifetime accomplishments in a field of librarianship within the state merit recognition of particular value to Louisiana librarianship.

Committee Members
Chair: Kate Martin, kmartin at nolalibrary dot org

Elizabeth Batte, elizabeth dot batte at nicholls dot edu

Brittney Hargrave, brittney dot hargrave at cpsb dot org
Melinda Matthews, matthews at ulm dot edu
Vicki Nesting, vnestin at bellsouth dot net


To review the annual budget for submission to the Executive Board. To review quarterly budgetary and financial statement supplied by fiscal officer To advise the Board on long range financial and investment planning. To keep abreast of all fiscal issues facing the Board and serve as financial advisors to the Board. 

Committee Members
Chair: Giovanni Tairov, Treasurer

Lora Amsberryaugier, lamsberr at uno dot edu

Jeremy Bolom, llabolom at gmail dot com
Melainie Sims, notmes at lsu dot edu
Jessica Styons, llajess at yahoo dot com

Angela Dunnington, angelad at latech dot edu

Intellectual Freedom

To defend the right and responsibility of the publicly supported library preserve the freedom to read, as stated in the "Library Bill of Rights" adopted by the American Library Association.

Committee Members
Chair: Don Smith, donsmith at state dot lib dot la dot us


Lesley Gilchrist, ligilchrist at caddoschools dot org

Raven Creech, raven dot fcre at gmail dot com
Lisa Jones, lisa dot jones at lafayetterpubliclibrary dot org
Michael Russo, mrusso at lsu dot edu
Courtney Stortz, crimes at dcc dot edu

Jessica Styons, jstyons1 at yahoo dot com

LLA Meritorious Service Award

To publicly recognize an individual who has demonstrated sustained and exemplary leadership and service to further the development, services, visibility and/or policies of LLA.

Committee Members

Janelle Zetty, janelle dot zetty at louisiana dot edu

Trevor Collings, tcollings at mylpl dot org

Louisiana Literary Award

To promote interest in books related to Louisiana, to encourage their publication, and to keep informed on the release of such books.

Committee Members
Chair: Elissa Plank, esp1061 at lsu dot edu

Caitlin Cooper, ccoope at dcc dot edu
Abigail Desoto, abigail dot desoto at lsus dot edu
Kayla Kalnasy, kkalnasy at shreve dash lib dot org
Zachary Stein, zachstein at louisiana dot edu

Modisette Award

To recognize excellence in Louisiana school library programs, rather than honor an outstanding school librarian.

Committee Members

Elementary School Libraries Chair: Sherry Carver, carver at opsb dot net

Middle School Libraries Chair: Lovie Howell, kim dot howell at bossierschools dot org

Committee: Amanda Jones, amanda.jones at lpsb dot org

Laura Foy, laura dot foy at lpsb dot org

Karen Bean, 

Junior/Senior High School Libraries Chair: Elizabeth Kahn, elizabethskahn at gmail dot com

Committee: Leslye Gilchrist, ljgilchrist at caddoschools dot org

LaKiesha Graham, lbgraham at caddoschools dot org 

Amy Wander, amy dot wander at lafayettepubliclibrary dot org

Public Libraries Chair: Don Smith, donsmith at state dot lib dot la dot us

Committee: Bianca Roberts, broberts at tangilibrary dot com

Jennifer Seneca, jseneca at mypl dot ingo

Meg Placke, mplacke at crt dot la dot gov

Public Library Trustees Chair:

Committee: John Tuggle, jtuggle at shreve-lib dot org

Celise Reech-Harper, llacelise at gmail dot com

Mary Jo Cooper, mjcooper at gmail dot com

Meg Placke, mplacke at crt dot la dot gov

Trina Smith, 


To initiate resolutions. The committee will act without bias or prejudice on the proposed resolutions and will have the power to review and edit the proposed resolutions for presentation in an acceptable format. It may refer resolutions to appropriate individuals, committees, or sections for study. It may also reject resolutions for being poorly prepared, inappropriate, or in conflict with the LLA Constitution, Bylaws, or policies. The committee will approve only those resolutions deemed to be important to the LLA membership.

Committee Members
Chair: Chris Achee, Parliamentarian, cachee at state dot lib dot la dot us

Committee: Elizabeth Batte, batte dot elizabeth at gmail cot com

Please refer to the LLA Manual for further information on the charge and responsibilities of these Committees.


To plan and make arrangements essential to the efficient conduct of the activities of the annual conference of the Association.

Committee Members

Conference Chair: Celise Reech-Harper, llacelise at gmail dot com

Exhibits Chair: Joseph Gremillion, jgremillion at shreve-lib dot org

Local Arrangements Chair:  Amy Wander, amy dot wander at lafayettepubliclibrary dot org

Program Chair: Erin Chestnutt, echestnut at beau dot org

Miriam Childs, mchilds at lasc dot org

Elissa Plank, esp1061 at lsu dot edu

Nathan Heck, nheck at tangilibrary dot com

Jennifer Seneca, jseneca at mylpl dot info

Shawnie Crador, scrador at cameron dot lib dot la dot us

Kristy Sturm, kasturm at lpssonline dot org 

Publicity Chair:  Jennifer Hamilton, jen at louisiana dot edu

Technology Coordinator:  Heather Plaissance, hcplaisance at louisiana dot edu

Communications and Social Media

To advocate for intellectual freedom, diversity, equity, and inclusion. To support the work of librarians and library staff. To regularly promote the work and ideals of the Louisiana Library Association. To advertise programs and conferences and encourage participation and attendance at these events. 

Committee Members
Chair: Sonnet Ireland, librarysonnet at gmail dot com


Academic - Katherine Williamson, kwilliamson at centenary dot edu

LaSSAL - Trina Kirk, tmkirk at rpl dot org

Public - Chris Achee, cachee at myapl dot org

Public - Victoria Cienfuegos, victoria at rpl dot org

Public - Clara Anne Madison, amadison at bossierlibrary dor org

SLIS - Lindsey Lutgring,  lindsey dot lutgring at louisiana dot edu

Past-president/Ex Officio - Jeremy Bolom, llabolom at gmail dot com


To maintain the written history of the Association on an annual basis and shall include: Significant Executive Board action, Sections, Awards, Conference, Publications, and Committees. To compile and submit to a database to ensure availability to all members of the Association, the names of the General Officers, Section Officers, Award winners, Conference theme and site and dates.

Committee Members
Chair: Angela Dunnington, adunnington at uhcno dot edu


Zachary Stein, zackstein at louisiana dot edu

Melanie Sims, melanie dot sims at law dot lsu dot edu

Caitlin Cooper, ccooper at dcc dot edu

Michelle LeBlanc, blanm2014 at gmail dot com

Jeremy Bolom, llabolom at gmail dot com


To enlist the necessary support for successful passage of laws (federal, state and local) tending to promote library interests. To enlist necessary opposition to bills injurious to library interests. To develop plans yearly for a State Legislative Day, including a workshop for training of participants.

Committee Members:
President: Lora Amsberryaugier, lla dot amsberryaugier at gmail dot com

First Vice President/President-Elect: Jessica Styons, jstyons1 at yahoo dot com
Second Vice President: Kenya Iverson, kenya dot iverson at lsuhs dot edu
State Librarian: Rebecca Hamilton, rhamilton at crt dot state dot la dot us
ALA Councilor:  Vivian McCain, straitviv at gmail dot com

LOUIS for Leg. Councilor: Laurie Blandino, laurie dot blandino at gmail dot com

Member-At-Large: Elizabeth Batte, elizabeth dot batte at nicholls dot edu
Member-At-Large: Christopher Achee, cachee at myapl dot org
Public: Jim Bass, jim dot bass at lafayettepubliclibrary dot org
Academic:  Courtney Stortz, crimes at dcc dot edu

LLA Scholarship Committee

To solicit funds from School of Library and Information Science alumni, association members, industry, and other sources. To administer the scholarship award.

Committee Members
Chair: Brandon Shoumaker, bshoumaker at calcasieulibrary dot org


Giovanni Tairov, director at mylpl dot info

Paula Clemmons, pclemmons at episcopaldayschool dot org
Vicki Nesting, vnestin at bellsouth dot net
Kaci Wilson, kaci dot wilson at lsus dot edu

Jodi Duet, jodi dot duet at fletcher dot edu


To solicit and stimulate membership.

Committee Members
Chair: Kayla Kalnasy, kkalnasy at shreve-lib dot org
LaSSAL: Christopher Bienvenu, christopher dot bienvenu at gmail dot com
Public: Michelle Blanchard LeBlanc, blanm2014 at gmail dot com
Sub Specialist: Wooten Iocrecia, iocrecia dot wooten at lsuhs dot edu
School: Jennifer Powers,jpowers at caddoschools dot org
Academic: Kaci Wilson, kaci dot wilson at lsus dot edu
SLIS Student: 
VP/President-elect: Jessica Styons, jstyons1 at yahoo dot com


To prepare a slate of two or more nominees, each of whom meets the qualifications stated in the Bylaws, for each elective office. 

Committee Members

Chair - Public/Trustees: Alicia Jefferson, ajefferson at shreve-lib dot org

Academic/Subject Specialists: Raven Creech, ravenfhc at gmail dot com 
School Librarian: 

LLA Scholarship Trust

To be responsible for the guardianship of the funds of the LLA Scholarship Fund - A Trust.


Web Oversight


Advocate for a content-rich and engaging website that benefits the Association and its members. Propose new content areas to the LLA Executive board for inclusion on the Association's website. Ensure that pages are up-to-date and error-free. Submit content and corrections to the association management team/web administrator. Ensure that the website follows best practices in web design and advocate for website improvements to maintain a modern and attractive website.

Committee Members
Chair: Carrie Goodall, 

Amy Baptist, amy dot baptist at selu dot edu
Ricardo Mesa, rmesa at jefferson dot lib dot la dot us

Katherine Rubin, krubin at uhcno dot edu

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